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Why Advertise with Ireland of Welcomes?

Ireland of Welcomes is your route to hearts and minds of a worldwide audience who love Ireland and all things Irish.

Ireland of Welcomes is largest and longest-running Irish interest magazine in world. Published six times a year, each issue features lavishly-illustrated pieces on Irish beauty-spots, regular features on Ireland’s extraordinary millennia spanning history, our remarkable literary, musical and dance traditions as well as folklore, festivals, events and so much more.

Ireland of Welcomes has an audited ABC circulation of 25,511 and a readership of 190,690.

Alongside our long established print magazine we have invested heavily in social media. We currently have close to 70,000 Facebook fans and rising rapidly. We update our site every day and on average receive between 6000 and 8000 likes for each update. Our average reach for posts according to Facebook is 70,000.

Our traditional magazine readers are loyal long-term subscribers who are familiar with Ireland having visited several times over.

Our social media presence connects us daily with those traditional readers but has also attracted an entirely new audience of people who are planning to visit Ireland, often for first time. Both groups are interested in purchasing Irish products and services.

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