for public housing demolition

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Recapping our Housing and Activism series: Despite the contentious past, presenting hope for the futureAugust 1st, 2017Comments Off on Recapping our Housing and Activism series: Despite the contentious past, presenting hope for the futureThe 2016 2017 Housing and Activism series, produced with our partners at the Ziman Center for Real Estate and the Institute on Inequality and Democracy, strove to center stage the people that have lived and are living through the massive federal policy change away from public housing developments. The series started with a look back at the city considered the epicenter for public housing demolition, Chicago, hearing the perspective of former and current residents who witnessed the near wholesale displacement of their community at Cabrini Green. If passed by voters in March 2017, Measure S would impose a temporary moratorium on development projects that require changes to zoning, land use and building height laws in Los Angeles.

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Since salt has a lower density than common crustal rocks, it rises and pushes up the ground. He said that further study also might link salt dome activity along the coast to the surface movements occurring elsewhere in the region. Khan previous work on the region elevation has already garnered widespread attention from local media, homeowners and builders.

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