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Photo Stream will store your last 1,000 photos for up to thirty days. The one down side to Photo Stream is that you cannot delete photos from it. If you have a bunch of “junk” photos you took with your iPhone they will still be in your photo stream until you take enough photos to “push them out of the sequence.” Hopefully this will change in a later version..

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Accept Their Limits Sometimes the old adage, you can’t teach a dog new tricks, really does mean something. Those that want things to stay the same may need to be encouraged to change so use some change resistance strategies. The inexperienced age group may need supervision or guidance so tackle that too.

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In order to accentuate the movement of the water in the scene a slow shutter speed is often used. The blurring of this movement gives the waterfall a soft, silky, artistic look to it that many people find appealing. Depending on the speed of the water, the desired smoothness of the water, and the light given to you in the scene, most waterfall images will probably be shot somewhere between 1/4 second and 3 seconds.

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