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Dad arrest made me realize I didn want to be a prosecutor anymore, he said. Law is so nuanced. If you convicting murderers, it one thing. This is obvious in manufacturing. If you are a car firm you have made the things somewhere, and you have to have a sales and service network in the places you sell them. It is a bit less obvious in services, although Amazon has to have its warehouses close to its markets, and Facebook and Google need to have their advertising sales people reasonably close to the companies that buy the ads.

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CHARDON, Ohio (AP) Wearing a T shirt with killer scrawled across it, a teenager cursed and gestured obscenely as he was given three life sentences Tuesday for shooting to death three students in an Ohio high school cafeteria. Lane, 18, had pleaded guilty last month to shooting at students in February 2012 at Chardon High School, east of Cleveland. Investigators have said he admitted to the shooting but said he didn t know why he did it..

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Around 3.8 billion years ago, an asteroid more than 150 miles across, roughly equal to the length of New Jersey, slammed into the Moon and created the Imbrium Basin the right eye of the fabled Man in the Moon. This new size estimate, published in the journal Nature, suggests an Imbrium impactor that was two times larger in diameter and 10 times more massive than previous estimates. “We show that Imbrium was likely formed by an absolutely enormous object, large enough to be classified as a protoplanet,” said Pete Schultz, professor of earth, environmental and planetary sciences at Brown University.


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